Notes about the October and November meetings

The next meeting of the RRPA will be at RADIANT REFLECTIONS/WEST SIDE CAMERA next to Andy’s Custard on N. Kingshighway, on Thursday, Nov 17 at 6:30pm. We are working on having Cosandra CoCo Reed talk about the services that she offers, and possibly we will have a presentation by Stephanie Goddard of White Horse Photography discussing Lighting Techniques.

Our Photo Field Trip is Scheduled for Sunday morning, November 13th, 9am at Lake Tywappity in Chaffee, MO. For those in Cape or north, we will meet at the parking lot in front of the Nature Center at 8:30am, then drive to the Lake for 9am. Larry Braun and Aaron Horrell will lead walks around the lake. The trail is well maintained, but the terrain is a little challenging if you are not sure of foot. For those that are not able to make the walk, there are still plenty of photo opportunities around the parking lot and dock areas.

The Photo Challenge for November is to use Framing in your photo. Use objects such as trees and their limbs, open doors, windows, buildings… to surround the subject of your shot.
The framing can be in the foreground, or more complex, use something in the background that acts as a frame, such as tall buildings, trees, mountains… The subject can be a landscape, a person, object or other interesting topic. The frame can be either in focus, with a deep depth of field (narrow aperture, higher number f/stop such as f/22 to f/36), or can be out of focus so that the eye is drawn straight to the subject. Post your photo to Flickr and tag them with rrpa1116

The featured website is . This site is a great way to compare your photography to others without any negative criticism. The premise is that they offer Challenges (Contests) that are fairly specific (IE: Fall Colors, Waterfalls, Two People…) and you submit up to 4 of your photos that best match that competition. People vote on your photos and you vote on everyone else’s shots. The more you vote for others, the higher in the queue your photos are featured and the better your chances to get votes. Be careful, it becomes addicting.

We discussed the Christmas party, which will be at the Cape Library on December 8th, starting around 5:30pm. The club provides meats and cheeses, with the members (paid members and their guests only please) providing a side dish and/or dessert. The club handles drinks, utensils and condiments. We usually do a gift swap, so plan on bringing a photography related gift of around $5.

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